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My Wishes Are Coming True - Positive Affirmation.

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I am wondering why do we wish?. Especially on birthdays or on Holidays.

"We wish you..." I wonder if is that wish will come true?

I remember some of my enormous wishes. Unfortunately, they never appear to come true.

Until lately, I realized that the universe didn't forget my wishes. The universe didn't forget about me!. Surprisingly all my wishes came true, and they are still coming.

I wrote this positive affirmation to remind myself about the power of intention. Please use it.

Don't be afraid of wishing. Someday you will receive all your wishes.


My Wishes

My wishes are Jewels from my heart.

The universe keeps them all safe

until they come true.

Every day in every way,

I am receiving my enjoyable surprises,

blessings, and all my wishes.

For that I am grateful.

Poster Affirmation

A poster is a great reminder of your affirmations. Use this framed affirmations poster to display in your favorite space. Every time you pass by this frame remember to say your affirmation.

Affirmation On The Go

Save the following picture onto your device to read your affirmation on the go. To save it on your phone, after clicking on the affirmation picture, take a screenshot and save it to your pictures album. See how here

Coffee Mug Affirmation

Start your day with positivity. Read your affirmations on Your mug. Take Charge of your breaks and repeat this positive affirmation whenever you use this mug. Enjoy this affirmation on your coffee mug.

Confidence Affirmation Email Reminder

Repeat this affirmation 5 times a day if possible for 30 days. To know more about Positive affirmations see "What Are Positive Affirmations, And How To Use them?"

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