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Love Me Under The Moon - Art Explained

In this painting, I am writing the fingerprints that we are printing on the pages of each day of our love.

- Light and darkness

The moon is on the top corner shining on the scene of our love. It is night, some, places are dark. These places still have love. Love is not always in the light, even in the darkest places, I will still find your love.

"Love me as I love you. Love Me in the dark and the light."

- Love me and see me as I do

Under the moon is the heart. Inside the heart, a big eye with a heart screaming;

“See me from your heart and see my heart.”

You love me in the dark and the light, you see me, and you see my heart.

You also show me that you see me, and you prove that you are showing me your love.

- Your love gestures.

Dots are everywhere, around the heart, in form of groups. Every 3 dots are together.

the first dot means “I am thinking of you,”

the second dot, “I am sending you flowers,”

and the third "I am kissing you".

Your love gestures are infinite.

“Think of me, send me love, kiss me“

- Our Love

Water flowing, and globes floating around our hearts under the moonlight; this is our love.

let's cherish our love, let’s frame it, and let’s hang it on our wall. We will see it every day and relive it, In every moment of our lives, again and again.

We are flipping the pages of our life together. On each page, we are printing our fingerprints with love.


Painting Details

Love Me Under the Moon, original reversed painting on plexiglass.

This technique reversed painting on plexiglass, required to start with the signature first, then the details, and at the end, I work on the background.

Theme: Love Me Under the Moon

Technique: Reverse Painted on a Plexiglass.

Size: Without frame 19x14 inches. With Frame 22x27 inches.

Frame: Yes Framed. As shown in the pictures

Year: 2017.

Location: Miami.

Painting ID #: 67F-554-V61

Location of Creation: Miami.

Certificate Of Authenticity: Included Digital blockchain certificate of authenticity.

I am very thankful to my new collectors Tahan Family for owning this wonderful painting.

This Painting is Sold

Framing Options and Ideas

Note: I chose the white frame box. It is shown in the first picture.

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