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Collect & Own Chady's Works

When I create an art collection I start with an idea or feeling about something or someone. I develop the idea to be visual and to convey the message in each artwork in that collection.   

Each art collection and project was born from my passion for creating experiences and masterpieces.

My collections often include Original works, printed editions, digital and merchandise. 

I also create costume projects for private, public, and commercial spaces. 


All Artworks have a certificate of authenticity registered on the blockchain network.

Original Artworks are painted on Murals, canvas, papers, plexiglass, wooden boards, and metal boards. Some of the originals need frames and some will look better without a frame. 

Prices of Original Paintings vary from hundreds to thousands.  Artwork price changes according to the sizes, materials, and if the work has a publishing history or and public exhibitions.

Printed editions are created from high-definition pictures of the original artworks or a copy of digital work. Then artworks are printed on stretched canvas, mounted on plexiglass, or printed on paper. some need frames and some do not any frames.

Prices are much lower than the originals, but also depend on how big you want the print to be.

Digital Arts are hosted on the blockchain network as Non-Fungible Token, Crypto art. Every Art piece is encrypted with special keys as a certificate of authenticity. All Digital Arts are available on OpenSea

Art Projects

I Am ready to discuss and work with you on your next project. I create costume projects for private, public, and commercial spaces. I will work with you to identify your needs and wants to create your luxurious and artistic space.

Ways to Collect Artworks

Collect What you love

Collect Originals and Prints that you like no matter what is the size or material.


Collect According to your space

Collect Originals and Prints according to your space Colors, size, or material. 

Collect Digital Art

Collect DIgital Art and display them on digital screens in your favorite spaces. Printed editions of digital works are available too. 


Customize your space with commissioned Artwork specially done for you. Example: A family portrait.

How To Work with Me?

Heart 12x12 on metalic paper mounted plexi black cintra  copy 2_edited.jpg
  • Identify artworks and collections that you like - From my website or a private link that I provide you after you contact me.

  • Identify the spaces where the chosen artworks you want them to be displayed -  It is recommended that you share with me some pictures of your identified space where the artworks wished to be.

  • Identify the budget of your project. In this way, you allow me to give you some more options to fit your budget and stay elegantly artistic in your space.


I will show you in person the artworks that you like. Then I will adjust the pieces by adding frames or creating new prints with special dimensions or creating unique commissions to fit your vision.

Also if possible I will help to deliver, set up, and hang the artworks in your space.

I can't wait to start working with you!

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