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Collect & Own Chady's Works

When I create an art collection, I begin with an idea or feeling inspired by something or someone. I take that initial spark and develop it into a visual concept, ensuring that each piece in the collection conveys a cohesive message.

Every art collection and project stems from my passion for crafting unique experiences and masterpieces. My collections typically feature a variety of formats, including original works, printed editions, digital art, and merchandise.

Additionally, I specialize in custom projects tailored for private, public, and commercial spaces, creating bespoke art that transforms environments.

All of my artworks come with a certificate of authenticity, securely registered on the blockchain network, guaranteeing their originality and provenance.

Original artworks are painted on a variety of surfaces, including murals, canvas, paper, plexiglass, wooden boards, and metal boards. Some of these pieces look best framed, while others are designed to be displayed without frames.

Prices for original paintings range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The cost varies based on factors such as size, materials used, and whether the artwork has a publishing history or has been featured in public exhibitions.

Printed editions are created from high-definition images of the original artworks or digital copies. These artworks are then printed on various media, including stretched canvas, mounted plexiglass, or paper. Some prints require frames, while others do not.

Prices for printed editions are significantly lower than for original works but vary depending on the size of the print you choose.

Digital arts are hosted on the blockchain network as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), also known as crypto art. Each piece is encrypted with special keys, serving as a certificate of authenticity. All digital artworks are available for purchase on OpenSea.

Art Projects

I am ready to discuss and collaborate on your next project. I create custom projects for private, public, and commercial spaces. By working closely with you to identify your needs and preferences, I will help transform your space into a luxurious and artistic environment.

Ways to Collect Artworks

Collect What You Love

Choose originals and prints that resonate with you, regardless of their size or material. Let your personal taste guide your collection.

Collect According to Your Space

Select originals and prints that complement the colors, size, and style of your space. Ensure that the artworks enhance the overall aesthetic of your environment.

Collect Digital Art

Acquire digital art and display it on digital screens in your favorite spaces. Printed editions of digital works are also available, allowing for versatile presentation options.


Personalize your space with commissioned artwork created specifically for you. Whether it's a family portrait or a unique piece tailored to your vision, custom art brings a personal touch to your collection.

How To Work with Me?

the flame of love. Heart Painting by Chady Elias
  • Identify Artworks and Collections You Like Browse through my website or a private link I provide after you contact me to find artworks and collections that resonate with you.

  • Identify the Spaces for Display Determine where you want the chosen artworks to be displayed. It is recommended that you share pictures of these spaces to help me understand the context and environment.

  • Identify Your Budget Establish the budget for your project. This information allows me to offer options that fit your financial range while maintaining an elegant and artistic presence in your space.

  • Personal Consultation I will personally show you the artworks that you are interested in. We can then make adjustments by adding frames, creating new prints with special dimensions, or developing unique commissions to align with your vision.

  • Delivery and Setup If possible, I will assist in delivering, setting up, and hanging the artworks in your space, ensuring a seamless integration of art into your environment.

I can't wait to start working with you!

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