Boost Your Confidence - For The Creative Types

Here are some ways I use to boost my creativity and my confidence. I consider them a compass to help me navigate my creative life. These actions are valuable lessons I learned, and I am sharing them with you.

Nothing is ever perfect. The beauty is in the imperfection.

As a perfectionist who loves to be always in control, I realized that I have to let go of perfection and be confident that my work is perfect. Yes, it is contradictory, but it is a true statement, and an effective one, at least for me.

Ask the stamps collector - How valuable is the imperfect stamp? The answer is; Imperfect postage stamps are rare and worth serious money.

So Remember "Nothing is Ever Perfect"

This painting is part of the harmony collection. When I finished this painting, I felt it was too perfect. For that, I went back and smudged it in various spots to look like me, imperfect. After I smudged it, I felt that it was too perfect again. My mind was going in circles between perfect and imperfect.

I am not in a race, I am just telling my stories.

A true story is happening to every one of us, you and me.

When you binge on your social media for hours, it feels overwhelming. And you think that you are inspired. At that moment, you feel that you want to create better things, and you want to teach the world how this is done!!!

Hold your horses and think for a second. Everything you saw is driving you to make something not related to you. Don't let the wave take you where you don't want to be.

The best place for you to inspire is the inner you. From your dreams, thoughts, memories, and your goals. Let the world know you and know your stories.

Start telling your story in everything you do.

You are not in a race, just tell your story.

I balance between my Past, my Present, and my Future.

The Past

Memories are beautiful to remember from time to time. But living in the past is hard. Especially thinking about the same event, over and over.

You want to snap out of it, and you can't. Living in the past will lead you to possible depression.

You better have a good therapist. Check out my dear friend website's. She has tons of information, books, and download to help you. I mean seriously! if you have depression, go see your therapist.