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MY DEFINITE PURPOSE - Positive Affirmation.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

I always intend to achieve my purpose in life, even when I don't know what I am doing. The important is that I am consistently trying to get there. You can reach your definite purpose too. I wrote this booster affirmation for you to get there too.



I am achieving my clear definite purpose

with faith, desire, and passion.

I am holding,

in my conscious and subconscious mind,

the picture of My Future ME.

My positive thoughts about ME,

are converting to physical actions

and revealing the future me.

Every day in every way

my body, mind, and spirit

are pursuing my definite purpose

with self-confidence, and persistence.

The infinite intelligence is giving me the positive force

to influence everyone and everything around me

to cooperate in achieving my definite purpose.

I am fulfilled and grateful for ever.

Poster Affirmation

A poster is a great reminder of your affirmations. Use this framed affirmations poster to display in your favorite space. Every time you pass by this frame remember to say your affirmation.

Affirmation On The Go

Save the following picture onto your device to read your affirmation on the go. To save it on your phone, after clicking on the affirmation picture, take a screenshot and save it to your pictures album. See how here

Coffee Mug Affirmation

Start your day with positivity. Read your affirmations on Your mug. Take Charge of your breaks and repeat this positive affirmation whenever you use this mug. Enjoy this affirmation on your coffee mug.

Coming soon

Confidence Affirmation Email Reminder

Repeat this affirmation 5 times a day if possible for 30 days. To know more about Positive affirmations see "What Are Positive Affirmations, And How To Use them?"

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