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Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery: Connecting with My Inner Universe | ITZ

Have you ever felt like you've lived multiple lifetimes within this single existence? Have you questioned your reality since childhood, pondering deeply about the mysteries beyond what meets the eye? I know I have. The journey to unravel these mysteries has been both profound and enlightening, leading me to realize that the answers I sought were not external but within me all along.

Illustration of A child gazing at the sky with curiosity.  Chady Elias


As a child, I often found myself contemplating why I was born where I was, into the family, city, and country that shaped my early years. It wasn't dissatisfaction but a curiosity about what lay beyond the familiar landscapes of joy and agony, love and hate, life, and death. These questions fueled my desire to explore not only the physical world but also the metaphysical realms that lie beyond.

Illustration of The Temple of Apollo, symbolizing ancient wisdom.  Chady Elias

The Journey Within

My quest for understanding took me on an inward journey, echoing the ancient wisdom inscribed on the Temple of Apollo in Greece: "Know thyself." This journey continues to this day, revealing deeper layers of my emotions, thoughts, and motivations. Through introspection, I uncovered strengths I never knew I possessed—empathy, compassion, and a profound connection to the experiences of others.

A person meditating, connecting with nature and inner self.  Chady Elias

Connecting with the Universe

Understanding myself opened doors to comprehending the driving forces behind human actions and the intricate workings of the universe itself. As I shifted my perception, the world responded in kind, reflecting my newfound understanding back to me. This reciprocity deepened my connection to everything around me—a harmonious dance between the self and the cosmos.

Abstract representation of interconnected universe. Dots & lines. Chady Elias

Inviting You on the Journey

In sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire and guide you on your own path of self-discovery. This journey isn't just about understanding ourselves but also about recognizing the unity of all things—the physical and the metaphysical intertwined in the fabric of existence. As I document my reflections and learnings, I invite you to join me in exploring life's mysteries and finding meaning in our shared experiences.

Self-Reflection: Discover Your Inner Universe

1. What childhood questions about reality still resonate with you today?

  • A) Why was I born where I was?

  • B) What lies beyond joy and agony?

  • C) How do love and hate shape our perceptions?

  • D) All of the above

2. What did the journey of self-discovery teach me about my own emotions?

  • A) Strengths and weaknesses

  • B) Empathy and compassion

  • C) Motivations and desires

  • D) All of the above

3. How did understanding myself help me connect with the universe?

  • A) It deepened my perception of the world.

  • B) It attracted similar energies into my life.

  • C) It mirrored my understanding back to me.

  • D) All of the above

I encourage you to reflect on your journey and share your thoughts in the comments below. Share this post with others who might benefit and subscribe for more insights on self-discovery and personal growth.

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