Foreword for Confidence Affirmations Book by Dr. Marie Dezelic

Updated: Oct 12


30 Days To Achieve Pure Confidence

For Clients, Coaches & Clinicians


Dr. Marie Dezelic

Imagine what it would feel like to have Pure Confidence in yourself, in everything you do, in your daily encounters and interactions with others, and in all that you want and hope to achieve? While this might seem like an impossible goal, Chady Elias’ book, Confidence Affirmations: 30 Days to Achieve Pure Confidence, is an invaluable guide to inspire and improve Confidence. Pure Confidence is something you can achieve with Chady’s 30 days of a simple and profound practice.

Confidence is a state of being and knowing; that is, having a sense of security that comes with complete trust in our capabilities and abilities that are found within our core essence. This state of being and knowing is the firm foundation that allows us to be proactive participants in all aspects of our lives. Confidence gives us the courage to design, create, and manifest what we want to achieve. This ability to be courageous in the face of discomfort and fear results in the dynamic vitality that is needed to go forward in attracting and developing what we hope and wish to see and experience in our lives.

Take a moment to envision feeling utterly confident in yourself; standing strong, capable, excited, empowered, and inspired as you work toward creating and achieving your goals and dreams! Just imagining having utmost confidence can stir and ignite an energized feeling within us. This is the power that thoughts and words have on our mind-body-spirit system, and what positive affirmations about ourselves and what we are doing can help us to achieve. Are you willing to devote 30 seconds a few times daily for 30 days to awaken this extraordinary feeling of Pure Confidence within yourself?

Affirmations have been utilized for centuries, appearing in many different forms that have their origins in philosophy, religion, and psychology. Contemplative prayer, mindfulness and meditation practices, as well as current neuroscience trends that involve mind and body-based exercises have increased our understanding of how our thoughts influence our emotions, physical sensations, and behaviors. Affirmations are positive statements and declarations with particular self-messages that help remind and ground us in certain positive beliefs about ourselves; enable desired states of mind and being; and help us achieve anticipated habits, goals, and circumstances. Likewise, Affirmations can help us overcome negative or self-sabotaging thoughts so that we can take the necessary steps and actions toward becoming our best selves. The word affirmation is derived from the Latin word, affirmare—to make steady, to strengthen, to make firm; thus, Affirmations strengthen and make steady our positive beliefs and help move us into action.

There is considerable research that shows how our thoughts influence and impact our behaviors, our emotional well-being, our creativity and what we draw to ourselves. Many psychological therapies incorporate Affirmations as part of the treatment protocol for personal growth, transformation, and transcendence. When we are feeling empowered and positive, we are more likely to be motivated and propelled into forward-moving action to create our desired outcomes. Even as our thoughts have the uncanny ability to destabilize and debilitate us, our thoughts also have the amazing power to drastically fuel our abilities and improve our inner peace, overall happiness, motivation, and inspiration. There is much truth in the statement that what we think of ourselves, we believe of ourselves; what we believe of ourselves, we achieve in our lives.

Included below is an Affirmation and visual conceptual pictograph entitled “I AM - I CAN - I WILL.