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Roses - Guided Painting Lesson

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Paint this painting with me. I will guide you to see the details and colors of this painting. We will start with my table setting and what materials and supplies I use, then I will show you how to use them to create your masterpiece. In the end, I will give you ideas on how to frame and display your creation. This painting is a collection of 4 squares panels canvases. Each Canvas size is 6x6 in. The final painting size is 12w x 12h in. This lesson includes 9 sessions, 11 downloads, and 1 bonus. Course Outcome: ​Enjoy the process of creating a figurative painting. Create your masterpiece From A to Z. Great satisfaction and surprising accomplishment. You will also learn to: Learn to copy a painting following the grid method and other methods. How to scale or descale a picture or drawing. How to prepare to paint a Mural. How to frame your painting. Usually, it is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment FOR LIFETIME ACCESS of $35, but today is $25.

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