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Roses & Pearls - Guided Painting Lesson

I invite you to paint this painting with me

I just finished setting up this guided painting lesson and I am exited to invite you to paint with me. When you finish this course you will have your masterpiece hanged in your favorite space.

Creativity is in every one of us even if you don't believe this statement.

I will be guiding you through 9 sessions to create Roses Painting.

This painting size is 12x12 in. We will be dividing it into 4 squares equal to 4 sessions. In each session we will work on one square size 6x6 in, first, we will draw it on a canvas then you will paint it with acrylics.

I will show you all the tools that you need to paint you masterpiece.

You will understand how to draw the flower by downloading a template and following my instructions.

After finishing the painting I will show you how to frame it and display it in your favorite space. This course include 11 templates to download and 9 videos of instructions.

You will learn how to copy a painting following the grid method. and How to scale and resize a painting. You can use these methods to create paint this painting as a mural by learning to see the abstraction and create figurative art

And yes at the end of this course you will create your own masterpiece. I will show you how to frame it so you can display it in your favorite space.

Lesson plan


  • Welcome to this Guided Painting Lesson

  • My Table Setting

  • Material and supply list

  • Copy, trace, transfer and resize any drawing

Painting Sessions

  • The color and shape of this painting

  • First Painting Session - A1 - Square One

  • Second Painting Session - A2 - Square 2

  • Third Painting Session - B1 - Square 3

  • Forth Painting Session - B2 - Square 4


  • How to frame your painting

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