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Flying Heart - I Love you - Original Painting on Paper by Chady Elias - IMG_1662 15x20.jpg

Chady Elias


I'm Chady Elias, a multidisciplinary artist. I create art projects for commercial and private locations. I paint original paintings & I teach art lessons and workshops.

Bird - Acrylic painting on canvas by the Lebanese American Chady Elias

Original Artworks
Original Paintings

Printed Editions
Art Editions


Digital Art
Nft - Crypto Art

Smalty Mosaics by the Famous Artist Chady Elias

Artistic Projects

I am always ready to discuss and work with you on your next artistic project

Eclectico Restaurant by The Artist Chady Elias
Saint Nicholas Church by Chady Elias

Online Shop

Dollar sign on a coffe mug by Chady Elias
Flame of love -  Heart on a hot pink t-shirt by Chady Elias
I am Qyeen - T-shirt by Chady Elias
Three dollar signs on coffee mug by the artist Chady Elias
Acrylics on Canvas by Chady Elias

My Books & Book covers

Elements of harmony 3-D book by Chady Elias and Dr. Marie Dezelic
Echoes of my heart - book cover by Chady Elias and Marie Toole
Meaning-Centered Therapy work book - book cover by Chady Elias book - by Dr Marie Dezelic
Trauma treatment book by Dr. Marie Dezelic, book cover by the artist Chady Elias
Acrylic painting on canvas by the artist Chady Elias

Art Archive & Inventory

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