Website Design Services

Website Creation Steps

4 week procces $4000

Phase 1: Setup

  1. Chose a Hosting Platform.
  2. Choosing Your Website Colors.
  3. Creating a favicon from your logo.
  4. Website design.
  5. Pictures integration.
  6. Setup Website compatibility across all browsers and devices.

Phase 2: Create Static Pages

  1. Home Page – creation and optimization.
  2. About Page – creation, and optimization.
  3. Contact Page – creation, and optimization.
  4. Services pages – creation and optimization.
  5. Website Header + Menu – creation and optimization.
  6. Blog and vlog creation and setup. publishing only one post.
  7. Website footer – creation and optimization.
  8. Social Media Integration.

Phase 3: Publishing

    1. Domain Name Setup and configurations.
    2. Email setup.
    3. Basic SEO.
    4. Website visibilty on Google.

Add-ons Options

Option One: Online Store $1000

  1. 10 products creation.
  2. 5 category creation.
  3. Setup payments for products, bank account integration.

Option Two: Reservations $1000

  1. Appointment Service integration.
  2. Setup payments for services and bank account integration.

SEO: $1000

  1. SEO of Each Page and Blog on your website.
  2. Images SEO.
  3. Google Analytics – setup and integration.
  4. XML sitemap creation and submissions of each page and picture. 

Client will provide the following

For the whole Website

  1. 5 keyword for the website.
  2. 5 phrases including the above keywords.
  3. Logo.

For Each Page 

    1. Page Title. 
    2. Page Title on the menu.
    3. 2 line description that may show on google search.
    4. Pictures to be included on each page. Pictures have to include the name of each picture and keywords.
    5. All texts needed for each page.

The Website Creation does not included the following

  • Domain name searching. Domain name fees and renewal.
  • Website platform hosting fees.
  • Text editing, and Text Writing.
  • Pictures licensing fees for your website or products.
  • Email hosting fees.
  • Logo design and adjustment.


Creating Your Website

Service duration of 4 weeks.

Not included Add-ons Neither Website maintenance.



Choose One.

  • Online store
  • Reservations
  • SEO

You can choose the 3 options at $2500

$1000 Each

Maintaining Your Website

Client will Send by email twice a month ( unlimited information changes on static pages. Changes will show online, 48 hours after receiving your email )

$2000 a month