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St. Nicolas Melkite Greek Catholic Church

Murals & Artworks by Chady

5715 Lake Ida Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33484


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Chady's work at Saint Nicholas Church Contains over 70 Byzantine Icons, 20 wooden carved and gilded artworks as well as 4 stained glass doors. The artwork sizes range from 16 inches to 12 feet. The Icons are painted on stretched canvas over wooden panels and gilded. The church's walls are decorated with byzantine designs, crosses, and trompe l'oeil - optical illusions


• The Virgin Mary and Jesus are surrounded by two angels - on the front wall behind the altar.

• The twelve apostles - on the altar sides.

• The Iconostasis - on the front of the altar.

• The Great Feasts Iconography and the resurrection are Located on the sidewalls.

• The Christ Pantocrator - Located on the ceiling. The last supper - Located on the back wall.

• The Icons of St. Elias, St. Charbel, the Holy Family, Saint Anthony, and other icons are in various locations inside the church.

St.Nicolas Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Icons by Chady Elias
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