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Harmony - Affirmation

30 Days To Achieve Your Harmony. 

For Clients, Coaches, & Clinicians.​ by Chady Elias

Harmony is in you. You Experienced it. Remind yourself off that time. And now Live in Harmony again.

Elements of Harmony

Experiencing the Reality of Your Imagination.

3D Art Book | Paintings & Poems | Chady Elias Artist | Dr. Marie Dezelic Poet.

The very first of its kind- this unique compilation brings innovative 3-D Art to life right in your own home. Experience the reality of your imagination in 3-D, while being allured to the Artistic world with thought-provoking poetry. All of the Elements, words, colors and beauty, exist in perfect Harmony in this exclusive collection. This is a must-have! Every book comes with 1 pair of 3-D glasses to view the 3-D Art.


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Other Published Items

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For Creatives 

Consulting + Coaching + Mentoring

I work with creatives who want to create masterpieces and live in the permanent estate of harmony that gives them an intuitive connection with divine beauty.