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Cupid Is Jealous - Art Explained

Floating over the highest point in the universe. Defying every kind of gravity. Visible from everywhere. This is who you are, and I am here admiring you.

Cupid Is Jealous

You are flying very high even further than the sky and your wings are still.

Angels are wondering; what is your secret? Is it your actions or a miracle recipe?

Your wings are outgrowing every flying being.

The Moon Is Jealous

What is happening? You are the biggest planet. All rules are diminished. You are greater and brighter than the sun.

Every planet wants to circle around you. Every star enjoys being in your orbit. Even the Aliens are floating around just to see you. Your gravity is magical.

Kingdoms Are Jealous

You are royal. Your name is written on every manifest. Your face is engraved on every wall in every city and on every planet.

Fires Are Jealous

Your flame is eternal. Your fire is uncontainable. From your light the flowers grow. From your heat, the roses gain their colors.

Who are you?

Why you?

Cupid Is Jealous

from YOU, because

I Love You

Flying Heart Collection

The original paintings of this collection are Mixed media on paper, Size 15x20 in, and Mixed media on Canvas, Size 16x20 in. All originals have a certificate of authenticity registered on Blockchain technology.

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