Endorsement for Confidence Affirmations Book by Marie Toole


By Marie Toole

When Chady told me about writing this book on Confidence, I knew it would be successful because he lives these affirmations and beliefs. His brilliance in presenting this to the world is a gift wrapped in words and actions. I have received more stability in my life, just practicing each lesson.

Separating his brain from his body is not possible. He works them together intuitively and teaches us how. Chady conceives, believes, and achieves results by living his philosophy.

Absorb these positive affirmations into your soul as well as your brain. Doing them becomes a natural part of you if you do them consistently. My imagination has caught fire from these affirmations, and my confidence grows steadily because of these positive approaches.

You can only gain more perspective and release tensions that exist by following his advice. His approach has given me such clarity and opened a valve in my consciousness, which was closed. He taught me how to surrender fear and welcome creativity into my life.

As a result, I am more capable of pursuing all the dreams I held back and drove forward with more purpose than I ever believed was mine.

Thank you, Chady, for all the positivity you have put into my life.

Marie Toole


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