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Harmony is the combination of different elements that simultaneously produces a pleasing moment, effect, or sound. 

Harmony is hope, expectation, and truth. Harmony is a wish, an action, a reality. Harmony is building yesterday on tomorrow. Harmony is matching the black to the white. Harmony is instant and a journey. Harmony is the salt to the food. It is the water for the fish. It is the sun to Earth.

We live in a chaotic Harmony and we celebrate it.
Let’s make HARMONY our permanent lifestyle.

Harmony Web Painting

This painting is a visual harmonious song, moving with an explosion of changing colors. This work is digital art. This Harmony Painting has its own domain name and lives online constantly and forever. This work exists in many places simultaneously online. You can display it and enjoy it everywhere on any device connected to the internet. Chady’s Web Art is available globally for everyone to enjoy.

Harmony Original Paintings

Artworks on Paper

Artworks on Debond

Harmony Affirmation

Philosophy & Belief

Harmony Affirmation is essential to our life. In every stage of our life, we have to remind ourselves of who we are and how to regain our harmonious life.

We are Royals, harmony is our essence. We always search for our origins as kings and queens. Health wealth and beauty is our journey. Perfection is our destiny. The following affirmation is based on my artworks on this page. I invite you to use it for your benefit as a reminder that once you were harmonious and now you want to live that harmony in its best again.

Harmony Book 

30 Days To Achieve Your Harmony. For Clients, Coaches, & Clinicians.

Harmony is in you. You Experienced it. Remind yourself off that time. And now Live in Harmony again.

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    Harmony Affirmation

    Harmony Affirmation is designed to help you regain what you lost to live it again. This Affirmation is a Healthy Reminder to get back to your Harmonious Life. So you can create the lifestyle you love.  

                              ~ Chady Elias

    I Am In Harmony

    My Mind, Spirit and Body are
    governed by the Law of Harmony. 

    All my ways are illuminated and guided by the Infinite Intelligence. 

    Health, Wealth, Beauty, Love.

     Peace and Abundance are Mine.

    I Am Harmony & Harmony Is Me 

    ~ Chady Elias  


    Have your daily drink in Harmony Affirmation Mug

    Harmony Affirmation Card
    50 Cards Pack, Size 4x6in Postcard
    Use this affirmation card to write your reminder affirmation on it. Also, you can place it in various places as a reminder to keep your Inner Harmony alive. Gift it to someone, send someone a note, or use it as a bookmark.
    Harmony Poster

    Use This poster in your space to remind your self with your inner Harmony.

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