Here are some of my advice for designing your Book Cover:

1- Think like a reader, not like a writer.
2- Avoid cliché.
3- Highlight your main subject.
4- Keep it simple.
5- Integrate your brand’s colors.
6- Integrate your brand’s archetype.
7- Choose your typefaces according to your branding.
8- Trust your designer.

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Book Covers Designed By Chady

Harmony - Affirmation

30 Days To Achieve Your Harmony. 

For Clients, Coaches, & Clinicians.​ by Chady Elias

Harmony is in you. You Experienced it. Remind yourself off that time. And now Live in Harmony again.

Elements of Harmony

Experiencing the Reality of Your Imagination.

3D Art Book | Paintings & Poems | Chady Elias Artist | Dr. Marie Dezelic Poet.

The very first of its kind- this unique compilation brings innovative 3-D Art to life right in your own home. Experience the reality of your imagination in 3-D, while being allured to the Artistic world with thought-provoking poetry. All of the Elements, words, colors and beauty, exist in perfect Harmony in this exclusive collection. This is a must-have! Every book comes with 1 pair of 3-D glasses to view the 3-D Art.

Transcending Grief

Recovering Meaning & Practical Tools for Navigating the Journey Through the World of Loss

by Dr. Marie Dezelic, PhD (Author), Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum, PsyD (Author), Dr. Ann Graber, PhD (Author), Dr. Ann-Marie Neale, PhD (Editor), Chady Elias, Artist (Illustrator), Dr. Robert Neimeyer, PhD (Contributor), Dr. William Breitbart, MD (Contributor)

Finding Our Way Through Loss & Grief… Managing Our Pain with Recovering Meaning — The Continual Phase of Grief. Loss and Grief are among the most difficult things we deal with in life. Significant Loss of all types, can disrupt our lives in many ways. It affects our mind, body, and spirit, and unaddressed can change our path forward. This Grief Handbook is meant to be a guide and companion through your personal, unique Grief process, helping you through the often difficult winding path of Grief, from the initial shock to recovering Meaning in your life. Whether you are experiencing grief, or you are a clinician or the support network for the griever, this book is intended for you.

Trauma Treatment - Healing the Whole Person​

Meaning-Centered Therapy & Trauma Treatment Foundational Phase-Work Manual.

Book By Dr. Marie S. Dezelic (Author), Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum (Author), Dr. Pavel Somov (Foreword), Dr. Brent Potter (Epilogue), Dr. Ann-Marie Neale (Editor), Chady Elias, MFA (Cover Design).

Includes Reproducible Handouts! Non-assignable permission to reproduce clinician and client handouts in this manual for clinical use. Discovering Meaning in Life, and Tapping into our Resilience and Healing Capacities IN SPITE OF TRAUMA

Meaning-Centered Therapy Workbook

Based on Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy & Existential Analysis

Book By Dr. Marie S. Dezelic (Author) Dr. Brigitt Rok ( Foreword), Ann-Marie Neale (Editor's Note) Artist, Chady Elias (Cover Design)

based on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Psychology; Included are reproducible handouts—original “Conceptual Pictographs” (coined by Dr. Dezelic) in color, and black-and-white versions, for clinicians and clients.  This workbook utilizes a Mind-Body-Spirit integrative approach designed for psychological individual and group therapy, clinical pastoral care, bio-psycho-social-spiritual palliative care treatment, support groups, and personal existential exploration and awareness, and is a complete overview manual for Logotherapy & Existential Analysis.

Meaning-Centered Therapy Manual

Logotherapy & Existential Analysis Brief Therapy Protocol For Group & Individual Sessions

Book By Dr. Marie S. Dezelic (Author) Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum (Author) Dr. William Breitbart ( Foreword) Dr. Ann-Marie Neale (Editor's Note) Lexie Brockway Potamkin (Epilogue) Artist, Chady Elias (Cover Design) ​

Includes unique, reproducible, colorful Client Handouts that are to be used in an 8-session protocol in individual and group counseling across clinical settings and spiritual centers. It addresses Existential Exploration, Existential Crisis and Despair, and concerns of the Human Condition through Fostering Meaning and Purpose, and Inner Resources, in clients within a Mind-Body-Spirit Integrative Approach.

Transforming Relationships: Essentials For Building Bridges of Connection

Logotherapy & Existential Analysis Brief Therapy Protocol For Group & Individual Sessions

by Marie Dezelic (Author), Gabriel Ghanoum (Author), Mark Rufeh (Author), Pavel Somov (Author), Paul Wong (Author), Stephen Costello (Author), Eva Ritvo (Author), Chady Elias (Illustrator), Ann-Marie Neale (Editor), Pninit Russo-Netzer (Foreword)

Meaning-Centered Applications & Interventions Meaning-Centered Relationship Transformation model and processes help us discover ways to “transform” and “alchemize” all our relationships. This manual is filled with many different, unique, and useful tools, approaches, methods, and handouts for creating Bridges of Connection so that we: ~ Are better able to communicate in each other’s styles and love-appreciation languages

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