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” We collaborate with you to create a special artistic space, customized to your brand’s mission and vision. Our murals and paintings will work cohesively to create a stylish, artistic, and memorable experiences for your clients. We focus on connecting your brand to your visitors through visual storytelling.”

Chady Elias, About, Connect, Visual Artist , FIne Art, Miami

Artistic Services

Artistic Experience

We care about your vision. We collaborate with you to create a special artistic experience, customized to your space and clients.​​


Paintings will create a cohesive integration with your brand to create better customer experiences.


Murals will connect your vision to your brand and make it visible and memorable.​​

We provide Art For Art For Hotels

Decorative Finishes

Integrate your vision with your space to create a stylish and artistic experience with a touch of class.

Art Consultancy

Chady Arts Curator will select works tailored to your space and style.

Interactive sculpture

SAWA Restaurant

Original Artworks

Discover & Collect Chady’s Original Artworks

Artwork Editions

Own & Collect Chady’s  Editions


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Art For Hotels

" A Masterpiece should trigger you to think, your spirit to feel and your body to act. "