My Artworks are layers of materials and emotions coming together to form a unity with unique perspective under my mastery.

In my work, I integrate the composition of positive colors with powerful wording, to establish them as a visual trigger for a better life.

I start my work by inviting the idea to my mind as visualization, then I proceed, by adding to it a combination of words and colors to reach its purpose.

After completing my vision in my mind, I begin creating my masterpiece with different materials.

My inspirations are the beauty of the human brain and the stunning language of self-programming. I also have a deep admiration for nature; mountains, valleys, rivers, and seas. 

I believe that a masterpiece should trigger you to think, your spirit to feel and your body to act.”

Chady Elias


Chady Elias is polymath Artist whose areas of interest include painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, invention, marketing and history. Chady holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and other degrees in interior design, theology, philosophy, and music. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Arabic and well versed in Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.
Amongst other professorial engagements, Chady was Chair, Dean and Vice President of various institutions around the world. He is also a renowned international lecturer. Chady’s extensive body of work is featured in private and public collections around the world including France, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon, Mexico, Cyprus, Australia, Peru, Switzerland, and the United States.
His work is also featured in “Trapped Lessons from The Trenches”, an Emmy award winning short film.
Chady has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an insatiable inventive imagination that comes to life through his work. His mission is to elevate the role of art, design and strategy to drive cultural brand relevance and rapid influence in entertainment, media, sports and brand development.
Chady combines his creative talent, studies, and years of experience to create and execute inspiring, unexpected, masterpieces to enjoy, captivate and entertain and also to launch, augment and create revenue for a broad range of enterprises, brands and products.
Chady is a master of non-derivative works. He creates collective experiences that cultivate emotional connections to drive conversations and yield tangible results.

Feedback & Reviews


Having a conversation with Chady, or just being in his presence, is healing energy. In only a short time, I have spent with him, exchanging ideas, I feel my “little” world has expanded.  While teaching me art lessons, he had me reach deep down into my soul to express myself on canvas.

I learned more from him than I have in a lifetime and felt like I was on this joyous journey of discovery. His patience is unbelievable as are his skills in teaching another person what he can do as second nature. Chady is a tremendous talent and has a particular flair for seeing colors and shapes in another context, you can feel his vitality and see his aura when he puts his brush to canvas.

The opportunity to be in his space and talk with him has released me from so much stress. His peacefulness is personified, his vision is illuminating, and the tone of his voice is soft and soothing. He is so humble yet so spirited,

How grateful I am to have met someone who has touched my soul. He has brought me to another stage of growth at this glorious age. Besides opening my mind, he has filled me with so much hope and inspiration through his encouragement. 

Although I know very little about him personally, I can see a man filled with God’s spirit, a man of high integrity and a passionate and loyal human being. To have all these qualities at such a young age is impressive. To witness his fantastic artworks and hear him say, “It is not me, but the Lord using me as his instrument,” makes one wonder. Who is this giant apostle, disciple, and unique individual? He is truly one of God’s most beautiful creations. He is not only a genius but also a beautiful image of Christ in my eyes.

Some people say things, but their words do not reflect their actions. Chady is authentic because he leads by example. When he says, “You don’t know me,” I believe I’ve only been granted a very tiny glimpse into this very private person.

Chady feeds my mind with his wisdom and gives me purpose and passion. He understands humanity and offers sage advice. There is no limit to his capacity for compassion, his endless supply of energy or his steady stream of artistic creativity,

What magnificence my eyes have seen! What wonders I have witnessed by his hand! His mind grasps ideas and produces them almost miraculously. Because of his influence, I feel great things will evolve from this friendship for both him and me. I realize it is no coincidence that our paths have crossed in this life and praise the Lord for this blessing.

M T | Artist, Poet, Writer &  Chef De Cuisine

“Nous pensions aller à l’école avec Chady. Apprendre, en écolières consciencieuses, de nouvelles techniques. Conscientes de la chance que nous avions de découvrir quelques secrêts d’un grand maître-iconographe et d’un artiste accompli. Là aussi, étonnement ravi ! Voir combien Chady est en Dieu, dans une belle liberté et comme il Lui laisse tout l’espace, permettant ainsi la respiration divine, et … permettant ainsi à chacune de nous de se laisser transformer. Aucune de nous, avec nos personnalités si différentes, n’a été « épargnée » !

Tu nous a remis sur le chemin, tu nous as gentiment poussées-bousculées pour sortir de notre petit confort. Mais, quel cadeau ! MERCI Chady pour ceci et aussi pour ta patience, ton écoute positive, ta si grande disponibilité, ton professionnalisme, tes compétences, ton intelligence, ton respect, ta force et ton amitié spontannée ! Toi, Chady, instrument de Dieu.”

C Grela, A S E | Artist, Iconographer

” William Ernest Henley said: “You are the master of your fate the captain of your soul” .

Chady, you gave me the self-confidence and the desire to be the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.
About tow months ago my life was a mess I had no goals no desire no self-confidence, nothing! … from the first session, you started changing my thoughts, and you made me believe in myself and the best of all, now I love my life!  THANK YOU”

G AA | Business Owner


For a detailed & updated list please go to: Projects.ChadyElias.com

Painting: “Harmonious Presence” | Mercy Hospital, FL, USA 2016

Created a non-denominational painting acrylic-on-canvas for a newly designed meditation room 

Byzantine Ioconography – Murals |St. Basil Melkite Catholic Church – Rhode Island – USA 2015

Wrote/Painted 4 mural icons in the baptismal font area 

Byzantine Iconography: Iconostasis Icons |Christ the Savior Church – Jezzine – Lebanon 2015

Wrote/Painted entirety of Iconostasis icons

Mural Painting: “Good Shepherd” |Chapel at Camillus House, Miami, FL, USA 2015

Created & executed entire mural program

Church Interior & Iconographic Program| Saint Nicholas Church, Delray Beach, USA 2013 – 2015

Created new interior sacred art design for the entire architectural structure, furniture, iconostasis (cast iron), doors, murals baptismal font & 13 murals

Provided direction and supervision for a team of 6 members for the realization of the project

Sculpture Memorial: “In Memory of Bishop Augustine Roman” | Mercy Hospital, FL, USA 2014

Created a 3D audio-visual dynamic commemorative sculpture in memory of Bishop Agustin Roman

Mosaic Murals | Our Lady Of Lebanon Church – Coral Gables – USA 2012 – 2013

Designed and created a large mosaic for the side Alta (Smalti & Gold) 

Byzantine Iconography | Christ the Savior Church – Yonkers-New York – USA 2012 – 2013

  • Designed & oversaw the implementation and production of entire church interior
  • Created the iconostasis, and wrote/painted 36 Byzantine Icons thereof

Artwork | JFK Comprehensive Cancer Center – Lake Worth – USA 2012 – 2013

Created a 3D illusion-installation art aquarium for the main entrance hall and waiting room areas

Architectural Stone Work | Private Residence – Miami – USA  2012

Designed and sculpted and mounted exterior architectonic elements of a private residence in Palm Island, Miami Beach

Church Interior | St James Church Poughkeepsie – New York – USA 2011 – 2012

Designed and wrote/painted the parietal mural icons on the church walls, ceiling and dome  

Private art Studio and Gallery  | Aventura – Miami – USA 2011 – 2016

  • Designed an in-studio artwork space with innovative art station concept dedicated and open to individual, and collective art production
  • Plan and oversee expansion of ChadyArt LLC. Studio in response to high demand

Stained Glass: Doors  | Saint Nicholas Church Delray Beach USA 2011

Designed and created 5 stained-glass doors with various sacred art themes

Bas Relief  | Private Residence Miami USA 2011

Designed, created and installed a fixed interlaced floral realism-style bas-relief on a dining room ceiling at a private Miami residence. Media: painted stucco-plaster

Chady’s Art Fine Art Gallery | Midtown Miami USA 2010 – 2011

  • Founded & managed Chady’s Art Fine Art Gallery’s permanent exhibition enterprise
  • Curated and managed Chady’s Art Fine Art Gallery’s arts and creativity events
  • Directed and oversaw the development and delivery of arts-related workshops and conferences

Byzantine Iconography Mid-Relief  | Saint Nicholas Church Delray Beach USA 2011

Sculpted a mid-relief icon of St. Elias covered with Gold Leaf for Saint Nicholas Church.

“Optical Illusion”  | St Jude Church Garden – Miami – Florida – USA 2011

Designed and created a dynamic and meditative “Saint Jude” trompe l’oeuil (optical illusion) painting at St. Jude’s Church garden – Brickell – Miami, integrating the architectural and architectonic elements within the composition 

Byzantine Iconography | Saint Nicholas Church – Delray Beach – USA 2010

  • Converted a plane multi-functional hall into a Church 
  • Designed and wrote/painted 16 Byzantine Icons for the Iconostasis
  • Designed and created the Iconostasis

– Byzantine Iconography | El Christo Del Veneno Church – Mexico City – Mexico       2007 – 2008

Designed & created the iconostasis, its icons and icons of the church’s altar

– Stained Glass Windows | Our Lady of Lebanon Church – Chicago – USA                               2006

Designed and created 8 stained-glass windows of Our Lady of Lebanon Church, Chicago – USA

– Sculpture: Bronze Trophy  |  Saint Joseph’s University (USJ) – Beirut – Lebanon 2006

Created a new design for and produced a bronze trophy to be presented as Top Pharmacy Student Excellent Achievement Award 

– Interior Design and Sacred Art  | Saint Charbel Church – Chihuahua – Mexico 2005-2006

Directed, supervised, and worked on the realization and completion of the entirety of the church interior and the production of 80 icons, 150 m2 of mosaics and 50m2 of stained glass windows

– Bronze Trop  | Orbit Art TV Beirut Lebanon                                                                     2004                                                                                                           Designed and created the 2004 Best Actor/Actress Award trophy for the TV program “Jar el Kamar” at Orbit Art TV

– Sculpture: Haut-Relief Bronze Door | Saint Elias – private chapel – Baabdat – Lebanon 2004

Designed and created bronze door with bas relief depicting 4 themes the Prophet Elias’ life of a private chapel dedicated to St. Elias

Sculpture: “The Creation” | Private Collection – Jal el Dib – Lebanon 2004

“The Creation”, Mixed Media, Haut Relief of 370cm x 160 cm

Private Exhibition 2016

Artist Studio – Aventura – Miami-Dade – USA

Private Permanent Exhibition 2015

Murals |St. Basil Church – Rhode Island – USA- Private

– Private Permanent Exhibition 2015

Icons | Christ the Savior Church – Jezzine – Lebanon

– Private Permanent Exhibition 2015

Murals |Chapel at Camillus House, Miami, FL, USA

Private Permanent Exhibitions 2015

St Nicholas Church – Delray Beach – USA

Private Exhibitions 2014

Artist Studio – Aventura – Miami-Dade – USA

Private Exhibitions 2013

Artist Studio – Aventura – Miami-Dade – USA

Private Permanent Exhibition 2012

Murals | St James Church Poughkeepsie – New York – USA 

Collective Exhibitions 2012 & 2011

Special Olympics Gala Night South Beach Miami-Dade USA                                                         Co-exhibited Special Olympics-related themes for charity in support of Special Olympics participants

Solo Exhibition: “INHUMAN CARGO” 2011

Freedom Tower Gallery – Miami Dale College – Miami – USA                                           

  • Exhibited 12 various oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings dedicated to Human Rights 
  • Co-organized the exhibition in view of revealing book publication (publication in progress) 
  • Collaborated with Ms. Michelle Gillen, the author interpreting my paintings in the above-mentioned book titled “Inhuman Cargo”

Exhibition Director: “Experimental Art Seminar” 2008

La Salle University – Mexico City – Mexico  

Organized and directed a public experimental art exhibition following an onsite “Experimental Art” seminar I delivered to Graphic Design students. 

Collective Exhibition 2007

La Salle University – Mexico City – Mexico 

Co-exhibited 20 3D abstract acrylic-on-canvas paintings on various themes exhibited during the “Arte Mexicano-Libanés” event

– Solo Exhibition 2006

Ok Kycho Mexico City – Mexico 

Exhibited 40 paintings at a temporary “3D Painting” at month-long exhibition

– Solo Exhibition 2006

Dalay Morelia – Mexico

Exhibited 35 3D abstract acrylic-on-canvas paintings on various themes at a month-long exhibition

– Solo Exhibition: “La Joie de Vivre” 2006

Kulturzentrum – Jounieh – Lebanon

Exhibited 51 oil-on-canvas paintings at a 2-week exhibition themed “La Joie De Vivre” at the German Cultural Center (Kulturzentrum)

Solo Exhibition: “A Chacun Un Portrait” 2005

Central Library – University of the Holy Spirit (USEK) – Jounieh – Lebanon

Exhibited 60 portrait paintings at the Central Library of Holy Spirit University “A Chacun Un Portrait” Solo Exhibition: “Chromatologie De La Profondeur” 2005

Central Library – University of the Holy Spirit (USEK) – Jounieh – Lebanon

Exhibited 50 3D painting series themed “Chromatologie De La Profondeur” at a 4-month exhibition.  Media: acrylic-on-canvas

Collective Exhibition: “Illusion” 2005

Paul Guiragossian Museum New Jdeideh Lebanon 

Co-exhibited 6 oil-on-canvas figurative paintings at a 3-week exhibition themed “Illusion”  

Collective Exhibition: “Contrast” 2005

Arte Sano Gallery – Tripoli Lebanon 

Co-exhibited 8 oil-on-canvas figurative paintings at a month-long exhibition themed “Contrast” 

  • Chair of Sacred Arts Program at Holy Apostles Collage and Seminary, 

Connecticut – USA  / Online – Charity                                                                       2016 – Present

  • Vice President Academic & Provost (VPA&P) of Sacred Art Institute  2015 – January 2017

    Enders Island – Mystic – Connecticut – USA  / Online                                                            

  •  Adjunct Professor | Holy Apostles College & Seminary – Connecticut – USA           2015 – Present

  • Lecturer | Art Workshops, Chady LLC. – Miami – USA    2010 – Present 

  • Lecturer: “Experimental Art Seminar”  | La Salle University, Mexico City, Mexico 2008

  • Guest Lecturer | Iconography Seminar  | La Salle University, Mexico City, Mexico 2006 & 2007

  • Head of Iconography & Fine Arts Program | Sacred Art Department, University of the Holy Spirit (USEK) – Lebanon

  • Academic Executive Assistant to Chairman  | Sacred Art Department – university of the Holy Spirit of Kaslik (USEK) – Jounieh – Lebanon 1999 2006

  • Chair  | Pontifical Commission for the Church’s Cultural Heritage (PCCCH) Sarba Chapter Kesrwan Lebanon 2002 2006

  • Executive Director & Liaison Officer | University of the Holy Spirit (USEK) Jounieh & ICCROM & UNESCO  Lebanon 2000-2003


– Professional executive Coach 2014-2015

University of Miami, Florida, USA                                                                      

– Master in Sacred Art / Fine Art 2004-2005

Department of Sacred Art – Faculty of Fine Art – University of the Holy Spirit of Kaslik (USEK) – Jounieh – Lebanon 

– BA in Fine Art 2000

Department of Sacred Art – Faculty of Fine Art – University of the Holy Spirit of Kaslik (USEK) – Jounieh – Lebanon 

– BA Theology and Philosophy 1993-1998

Saint Paul’s Institute of Philosophy & Theology – Harissa – Lebanon 


– Online Teaching and Learning Certificate     2015

Catholic Distance Learning Network – National Catholic Educational Association                                                     

– Conservation & Restoration of Mural Paintings & Frescoes – Training Session II 2001

Collaborative initiative in partnership with UNESCO, ICCROM and Directorate General of Antiquities – Lebanon at Quannoubine Valley, Lebanon 

– Field Studies in Early Christian Iconography and Frescos 2000-2004

Joint Program Department of Sacred Art – Faculty of Fine Art – University of the Holy Spirit of Kaslik (USEK) – Jounieh – Lebanon, & Göreme & Ihlara – Cappadocia – Turkey 

– Music Theory and Practices – Transversal Flute 1995-1997

Lebanese National Music Conservatory – Beirut – Lebanon 

– Byzantine Iconography & Old Fine Art Techniques 1993-1999

Various private fine art studios in France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Lebanon  

– Early Childhood Education Certificate 1991-1992

UNICEF/YMCA – Beirut – Lebanon  

– Fluent in Spanish, English, French, Levantine Arabic and modern standard Arabic – literary Arabic. 

– Ancient Language: Latin, Biblical Greek, Iconographical Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic. 

– Episcopal Coat of Arms – Melkite Eparchy – Mexico 2007

Designed and created Most Reverend Gabriel Grand Archimandrite Gabriel Ghanoum’s Episcopal Coat of Arms

– Producer of a TV Program – Orbit Art TV – Beirut, Lebanon  2004-2005

“Founoun Tashkiliya” explains how Artworks are made from A to Z 

– Fine Art Artist “Souyouf wa Hourouf” TV Program  |  Orbit Art TV – Beirut – Lebanon  2002-2003

“Souyouf wa Hourouf” Painting maps of war and still life for a historic program.  

Europe: France, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Turkey Americas: USA, Mexico, Peru  | Australia: Australia  | Asia: Lebanon

This includes a vast repertoire of my fine art restoration and artworks in various media and techniques owned within private and public collections 

– “Iconographia Byzantina” TV Program Guest Speaker | EWTN TV Miami USA 2010

An EWTN television interview with Master Iconographer and Fine Arts Artist Chady Elias on Byzantine Iconography, its history, symbolism, process, media and meaning filmed at Saint Jude Catholic Church – Brickell – Miami

– News Television Interview  | CBS4 TV – Miami – USA 2010

A news segment hosted and presented by CBS4 Anchor & Chief Investigator Michelle Gillen about my sacred artworks and iconography

– Morning Show Guest Speaker | UNIVISION TV – Naples – USA 2010

Discussed the spiritual and theological dimensions of the icon as guest speaker of “Hoy” (Today) daily morning program television show at UNIVISION TV 


– Byzantine Icons  | St. Basil Melkite Catholic Church – Road Island – USA 2016

Restored 4 Icons of 50 year-old

– Icon Restoration | Most Revd. Grand Archimandrite Gabriel Ghannoum – Miami – USA 2011-2012

Implemented the restoration and conservation of 2, 18th century Melkite icons and 18, 18th-19th centuries Russian icons. Media & Process: Tempera; Wood and Canvas

– Mosaic Murals  | El Christo Del Veneno Church – Mexico City – Mexico 2007-2008

Directed, planned, and managed a team of 20 specialists, and personally co-implemented the restoration, consolidation and conservation of national heritage site with its mosaic.

– Archaeological Artifacts & Historical Art Pieces  | Mouawad Museum – Beirut – Lebanon 2006

Managed a team of six art restoration specialists on several restoration, consolidation and mounting projects for archaeological artifacts and historical art pieces, both indoor and outdoor, including and not limited to, various mixed-media paintings, various metal and stone sculptures, and marble fountains 

 Bronze Statue  | “Our Lady of Zahle an Albekae” Shrine – Zahle – Lebanon 2005

Managed a team of 14 restoration specialists for the restoration, consolidation and conservation of the 75m high monument of the Shrine of ”Our Lady Of Zahle” and the 9 m high bronze statue of “Our Lady of Zahle” which rests on it

– Stained Glass Windows | St. Maron Church (National Heritage) – Beirut – Lebanon 2004

Restoration and conservation of 19th century stained-glass windows of Saint Maron Church created by acclaimed artist Saliba al-Dwaihy

– Church Sacred Art | Mar Mussa El-Habashi Maronite Catholic Church – Balluneh – Lebanon 2003

  • Planned and implemented the renovation and conservation project of the 18th century church internal architectural space of Mar Mussa El-Habashi archaeological national heritage church site
  • Renovated, re-designed and implemented the entirety of the church internal mural paintings program
  • Renovated the 18th century wood church altar and painted it in trompe-l’oeil white marble

– 17th-18th century Frescos (World Heritage Site) | Quannoubine Valley – Lebanon 2001

Co-planned & co-implemented the archaeological and artistic restoration and conservation of the 17th-18th century frescoes of the church of the first Maronite Patriarchate and Holy See site in my capacity as cultural heritage and arts restoration expert representing the University of the Holy Spirit of Kaslik (USEK) – Lebanon, as member of a team of 10 experts, in collaboration the National Lebanese Museum and UNESCO 

– Icons and Paintings  | Private Collector – France 2000-2002

Implemented the restoration and conservation of 18th and 19th century Icons on wood and canvas for private collector

– Icons and Paintings  | Private Collector – USA 2008-2016

Implemented the restoration and conservation of 15th and 19th century Icons on wood and canvas for private collector

– The Great Feasts Icons – Coloring Book – Coming soon on Amazon 2017                                                                                                

– Book Cover: Trauma Treatment 

Healing the whole Person 2016                                                                                                

– Book Cover: Meaning-Centered Therapy Manual 2015                                                                                                

Meaning-Centered Therapy, Manual. Logotherapy & Existential Analysis, Brief Therapy Protocol, For Group & Individual Sessions, By Dr. Marie S. Dezelic & Dr. Gabriel Ghannoum

– Book Cover: Meaning-Centered Therapy Workbook 2014                                                                                 

Meaning-Centered Therapy Workbook: Based on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy & Existential Analysis, By Dr. Marie Dezelic.             

– Book Cover: “Heart Painting” 2012 

The Heart & Vascular Institute at JFK Medical Center, A Teaching Affiliate of the university of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Miami. USA. 2012                                                                                                          

– Book Cover & Artworks with Poems of 3D Book titled: ELEMENTS OF HARMONY, 3D Book, USA 2012                

Design and Artwork by Chady Elias, MA, and Text by Marie S. Dezelic, MS, PhD-abd, Psychotherapist and Poet

– Booklet Cover: Special Olympics Gala Night, South Beach USA 2012                                         

The Cover Artwork

– Brochure, Palms West Hospital 2012                                                                                                                   

Interfaith Spiritual care Department

– Brochure, HolyBrush.com 2012                                                                                                                          

Online Iconography catalog  

– Sophia Magazine, The Journal of The Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Newton, Vol 41/42, USA 2012            

Writing an Icon and the Artist story

– Booklet Cover: Special Olympics Gala Night, South Beach USA 2011                                                                

The Cover Artwork and Designed a 3D Invitation of the Gala event

– Poems And Artwork Book titled: INHUMAN CARGO, USA                                                    2011

Co-Authored Idea Designee and Artwork Collaborating with Michel Gillen poet and Chief Investigator and Reporter on CBS4

– Writing An Icon From A to Z (in progress)

Discovering the old secrets of Painting / Writing Iconography, from the 4th century until today: Theology, philosophy and practical artistic techniques.  

– Lebanon Mural Paintings, Lebanon (in progress)

Historical and artistic studies; mural paintings of Lebanon, from the 8th to 14th century.

– Bahdidat Mural Paintings, Lebanon (in progress)

Frescos studies of the 13th century located in Jbail, Lebanon

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Art Consultancy & Advisory Services
Coaching Services & Mentorship
Designing and creating Sacred Spaces
Artistic Services for Healthcare & Hospitality 
Ancient & Modern Art techniques Expert 
National and International Workshop Presenter and Educator

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A Canversation With CHADY
by Marie Toole

I am very happy to welcome you and tell you what a privilege it is to be in your presence.

Q, I understand that you are a well-known artist in other parts of the world, but we here in the United States know little of you. Please give us some background on your life and when you began creating art.

I started at an early age creating whatever I could from whatever I could find. I was born in Lebanon during the war, living in a bunker, going to school from time to time and everything was interrupted by war.  There was much unpleasantness all around me, so I started looking at where I could see good and put my intention to it. Because I was seeing and feeling so sad, I was trying to make myself happy, but it was difficult. When I saw my friends dying around me during the course of war so this was why I was looking to find beauty and happiness.  I started looking around me for anything I could use to make something. Even an idea in my head was still better than what I had.

Q,  What did you use for material? If you are in the bunker, what was available?

 Mostly food, some canned goods, food coloring with wax, dirt, tablecloths, whatever I could find I used.  My intention was that I wanted it to last long, so I started mixing it with a lot of things

Q, How long were you stuck in those bunkers?

 Maybe twelve years. Being at home or being in the bunker was the same thing. War is war. You have to live with it. I dealt with it by creating something visual.

Q, How old were you?

I think the war started about when I was born. I think my suffering was important because I can understand what it is and deal with it and help other people through it. You cannot help someone if you don’t know what suffering means. 

Q, Each piece that you create begins as a picture in your mind. You bring a story to life by the art of your painting.

I always say that I as a person am living by what I experience each day. Everyone is growing with whatever they are receiving. For example, I am with you now, you are leaving an impression on me.   When I leave, I will think about the impression you made on me, or what I should do to be better. I will think about it and write an affirmation about my confidence or about friendship. When I write or do my artwork, I prepare my studio with everything I use, close my eyes and stay still without any thoughts and the first image will come to my mind about everything I did that week. It will all come back to me and I know what to do.

Q, How much time does it take between the time you have the conception of this image and the actual completion of this work?

Actually, it is not a question of time. If someone is pregnant, we know that in nine months we will see a child.  Sometimes, earlier. This is the idea. What I am feeling today, I know and put it on canvas or whatever medium I am using. I am sending a message through it and creating actions. Even when I do abstract, it has a message because I do it with intention. It is so the person who receives it will get the positive affirmation and actions I did on the painting. In perspective,  to give art just for art without giving an impression to the person who will own it or view it, doesn’t mean anything. It is not something I am doing like a floor or a wall. If I am not leaving an impression or a symbol or setting something up to grow with, it doesn’t mean anything.

Q, I believe what you are saying is so true. As an art instructor who has taught me, I remember the first thing you told me to do what to take whatever was inside me and pour it out onto the canvas. That was what I was feeling at the time,  so when someone looked at it, they would feel the same. How you bring this message across is important. How you teach with such patience and relay your lesson to someone who does not have your genius is incredible. 

Everyone has what I have. The difference is that I work on it. Maybe other people didn’t. I would say that intuition exists.  Infinite intuition exists. If we are aware or not, it exists. And when you become aware, you go to that intuition and take what you want to take. What I am trying to do with each student I teach is to let them know that intuition exists, and if you are creative, and applying what you have, you will get the connection. So whatever you do everybody will see and bring the connection back to you. This is how you reflect your energy through your artwork. 

Q, I will work on that. I was amazed at myself after the first painting I worked on. You brought it all out of me.  Not many instructors can teach their students as comfortably as you do. I’ve had instructors before you and have learned nothing at all. Back to the questions.

You were and stile pretty famous for your works. What kind of works were you doing?

It is kind of as a person I see myself as an artist evolving. I am always learning something new and do something different as I  go forward so it is not the same as the one before. I hear art critics who say if it is not the same as before, you do not have style. You have to have a recognizable style so people can appreciate you.  I say, if you don’t learn, and move forward and evolve, you die. Either you die or evolve. For instance, it is the same in music, writing or whatever it is. You take these ideas from your life and put it into your work. You are not still doing the same thing you did in the past. This is your future. What I say to the art critics, there is no style, there is methodology so you have to see how each artist did their work,  how they were living, how they were thinking, how they put their living and thinking together and put it into their artwork. This is who the artist is. It is not always about the style.

Let’s take Van Gogh. Is it because he is doing the same action. No, it is because it is his methodology of living, feeling, thinking and applying. It is not the brush. This is the artist. It is how he lived. It is not the style who tells me who is the artist.   Every activity will come from something internal and this internal is what we call intuition. When you are sitting somewhere and you are a writer, you know what to do. When you have something coming to your head, you go do it. This is not the style. It is methodology, how you do your work.  The idea will come to you. It is how you feel it, how you react to it and how you be it. This is what I was doing and still what I am doing.

Q, I know you were best known as a Master Iconographer and have worked closely in decorating Churches in the Eastern Rite. Now, all that has changed. You have taken on a new persona.

It is not a new persona. It was what I had in the past and then  I go on to the future. I learned how to create as an iconographer. I learned how to think in iconography and created what I created and taken all this knowledge and I am now applying it to what I am doing today. It is not a new persona, and not something new. Whatever I am doing is continuing from the beginning to today to the future.